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Spotlight is on Author and Poet, Dyonteniece P. Rice,


Bestselling Author | Inspirational Speaker | Poet

“I have come to realize that without God I am nothing. My life in this world is meaningless, if I don’t have the presence of my Heavenly Father actively working in my life. I submit to God as I submit to my Husband, who is an amazing man I love more and more each day.”

There is absolutely no one on Earth like her God!! His faithfulness and love towards her can never be broken; for it is not of His nature to break promises. Author and Poet, Dyonteniece P. Rice, uses her words to capture life’s most tender and treasured moments which are oftentimes overlooked and ignored. She writes to free the introverted cries for love, acceptance and thriving relationships. This God-inspired gift of poetry is designed to cleanse, comfort and cheer the soul of each individual. Individuals will come to know that the life that they desire is within reach of their fingertips.

Having faced many trials and heartaches in her life, Dyonteniece is thankful that the Lord has delivered her from them all. God created a way of escape for Dyonteniece and she believes He will create a way of escape for you too. Knowing this, she firmly believes God is using her to proclaim liberty to captives and to satisfy the afflicted souls as mentioned in Luke 4:18 and Isaiah 58:10. Dyonteniece P. Rice is an inspirational speaker with a mission to empower women in being confident and walking in their purpose.

Dyonteniece and her husband reside in the state of Texas with their two pet fish. They both are active members of Word of Restoration International Church in Rosharon, Texas under the leadership of Dr. Charles E. Perry Jr. When she is not writing she loves exercising, making green smoothies, playing with animals and DIY projects.
Dyonteniece is also Bestselling author of Real Poetry | Raw Passion Open Heart Surgery.
Dyonteniece, tell us about your book?
It’s a poetry book reflecting different life stages where I experienced a range of emotions from loss, fear, pain, anger and betrayal.  I give my thoughts on situations that I have observed and the hope I found to believe that my life would be better despite yesterday’s shortcomings.  The poems are raw, I don’t hold anything back.  It’s about self-discovery, tender moments, treasured moments, and breaking free from the past. 

How did you come up with idea for this book?
I’ve been writing poetry for years and there are poems that haven’t been exposed yet. There are still stories that I haven’t told because I was afraid of being open to others concerning the things that dramatically impacted my life.  One night I remember watching the tributes on television of the late Actor and Comedian Robin Williams on The Ellen Degeneres Show.  He was on the show to discuss his open heart surgery which Ellen described as being frightening.  Having recovered from open heart surgery, Robin Williams described it as

“You appreciate the little things, like breathing, when you have a heart surgery.  They open you up and literally crack the box and you get really vulnerable and emotional but it opens you up to everything and gives you a total new release on life”.  Hearing Robin Williams describe his experience after open heart surgery I could relate to Robin because my heart was consumed with low self-esteem, insecurity and heartache from past relationships.  I didn’t speak about the things that bothered me or go into too much detail about the things that gave me joy. I held it in, just like my desire to publish a book of poetry.  I valued other people’s opinions as my own and didn’t know the damage it was doing to myself inside.  Now, it’s so freeing and liberating to not be influenced by others opinions and actions.  Now I am free to love myself, be kind and patient with myself because I have a new perspective on love.  God gave me a new heart and I’m able to see myself through his eyes—through His love.

What was the most difficult aspect of writing this book?
Deciding how transparent to be in this book was the most difficult for me.  Being transparent with myself during this writing process and with others.  Letting go of the fear and concern of what others would think of me once they knew the thoughts I was really thinking.  I didn't always speak my mind; I wrote about it and wondered if anyone felt the same way I did.

What valuable lessons do you want readers to learn from your book?
I’d like readers to know that you can’t externally look for love.  You display love and reflect love from within you.  Don’t allow negative experiences to give you a distorted self-image and life perspective.  Come clean and forgive yourself, love yourself, forgive others and love others so that you can truly be free to love without limits. 

Who are your favorite authors?
Dr. Maya Angelou, Steve Harvey, TD Jakes, Omar Tyree, and Dave Ramsey.

What book(s) are you reading now?
Understanding the Purpose and Power of Woman by Dr. Myles Munroe; Rediscovering the Kingdom by Dr. Myles Munroe

What books have most influenced your life?
Ø  Understanding the Purpose and Power of Woman by Dr. Myles Munroe
Ø  The Conversation by Hill Harper
Ø  Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man by Steve Harvey
Ø  The Confident Woman by Joyce Meyer

If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?
Dr. Maya Angelou
Why do you write?
I write to paint a picture of my life experiences. I write to free the soul, to cleanse the heart and to enrich the mind.  I write to identify where improvement can take place. I write to give individuals a way of living without limitations.

Any advice to give to aspiring writers?
Use your imagination.  Look at pictures, listen to music, observe conversations and sit by a window for inspiration.  Write as you experience life in different stages; write about everything you think about.  Keep a pen, paper and a tape recorder with you; sometimes you may not be able to write down your thoughts as fast so record it.  Give your creativity and imagination room to think big and write big.  You are the creator; there is no wrong in expressing your true self.  Get involved in writing groups, take free writing classes offered online by your local library, start networking with people who are doing what you see yourself doing.  Get a mentor or a coach that can provide guidance and feedback as you pursue your aspirations.  Challenge yourself by writing on different topics to sharpen your skills as a writer.

When no one knows the turmoil you face—whether self-inflicted or created by outside circumstances—it is easy to feel alone and abandoned. The poems I have written reflect stages in my life where I personally experienced loss, fear, pain, anger and betrayal. I had to find hope to believe that my life would be better despite yesterday’s shortcomings. As you read Real Poetry | Raw Passion Open Heart Surgery my desire is that you will no longer feel as though no one understands the struggles you have faced. You will no longer feel trapped inside and afraid to express your feelings, no matter what they are.  Please do not conceal your voice—it is the gift—inside of you. #OpenHeartSurgery
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