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Between Love & Hate by ALTonya Washington #newrelease #fiction

Cahlir Decker and Bizay Donneeter had an extraordinary involvement that resulted in more than either of them ever intended. Their connection went deeper than the sexual chemistry that sizzled to life between the powerful corporate consultant and the lingerie entrepreneur. At least, that was what Biz thought until their enjoyable time together ended when she woke one morning to an empty bed and no sign of Cahlir. Biz refused to acknowledge how deeply the man had wounded her-how deeply her feelings for him had grown in the short span of time they had known each other. She was angry and hurt and leaned on a fair amount of hate to survive. Not a bad plan until she received word that her family’s advertising firm was in trouble and that Cahlir was its new owner.
Biz didn’t have time to let fear register over the unexpected turn of events.
Fear however, did eventually find its way to the forefront of her mind as did a healthy dose of suspicion. Did Cahlir know that she’d left San Diego pregnant with their child? What would he do when he realized she’d had their daughter and had kept her from him for four years?


Bizay Donneeter ladled another generous helping of Potato soup into her bowl and smiled. God, this is Heaven, she thought. She’d debated on whether she would attend the party given by her friend Carla Decker. Now she was glad she had chosen to attend. The gathering was beyond impressive. Still, it was the delicious soup that impressed her most.
Biz decided not to leave her position by the table, since she planned on polishing off the entire tureen. Despite the huge bowl in her hand, she was still an enticing vision. The ankle-length shimmery beige evening gown fit her like a second skin. Besides complimenting her dark-chocolate complexion, the sexy creation was deceptively designed to make an admirer think he was seeing more than he actually was. The dress did that and more. The spaghetti straps slid partially off her shoulders, while the snug bodice emphasized her ample bosom. There, the material stopped and showed off a toned stomach. Multiple straps crossed over her shoulders, connecting at the small of her back to fall into a long, clinging skirt.
With a minute shake of her shoulder-length waves, Biz’s warm brown eyes scanned the room, surveying the other guests in attendance. She was glad Carla had been thoughtful enough to invite her. Biz had already been in California a week opening her second lingerie store. There hadn’t been much time for rest, but the party was proving to be the perfect way to wind down.
Carla Decker mingled through the large crowd, checking on her other guests. She had thrown the gathering in an attempt to draw her brother out of his shell. Unfortunately, there was no trace of the guest of honor. After a while, something told her to check the balconies. She prayed he had not left without telling her, and was about to give up the search, when she spotted him on the most secluded balcony.
Cahlir?” She called, walking up behind him and sliding her arms around his waist. “Baby, what are you doing out here?”

Cahlir Decker shrugged wide shoulders while offering an absent shake of his head. “Just needed to get some air,” His extraordinary silver eyes stared out over the lawn.
Carla stepped around to face her brother and frowned. “Listen you, if the balcony is where you want to spend the rest of the party, that’s fine. But, I’ve got plenty of female friends who’d love to be out here with you. That’s why I threw this party, you knucklehead.”
Cahlir turned his intense gaze toward his sister and smiled. Carla was older by four years, but he had always been much bigger. Still, the woman could be a formidable bully when she put her mind to it. Cahlir would not hold that against her, though. He knew she had her reasons.
Of course, that didn’t stop him from making one last attempt at not having to go back to the party. “Listen Lady, I’m fine. I just don’t care to mingle right now.” He told her.
“Oh, you don’t care to mingle right now?” Carla repeated in a whisper. “Well, I’m not having’ it. Now you get your cute butt back inside and at least act like you’re having a good time.
All you have to do is stand there and the women will fall at your feet.” Carla assured him, before she poked his chest and walked away.

About AlTonya

AlTonya Washington has been a romance novelist for 10 years. Her novel His Texas Touch was selected for Romantic Times Magazine’s Reviewer’s Choice Award 2012. She lives in North Carolina and works as an Academic Reference Librarian.
As T. Onyx, AlTonya will release her next erotica title Ruler of Perfection II: Ravenous this summer. Her latest Harlequin Kimani title is Provocative Territory and she will release a follow-up title in JuneProvocative Passion.
AlTonya rounds out the year with A Lover’s Debt.
The title marks book 18 in her Ramsey Tesano Series.



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