Thursday, February 7, 2013

Today I'm featuring Money Expert, Dr. Taffy Wagner

“Financial Advice For Series” Seeks To Help People Become Financially Literate

Day in and day out people stressing over their finances is common. The economy taking a down turn several years ago had its impact on singles, married couples, business – large and small and even the self-employed. When people stress over finances it takes its toll on it not only impacts relationships but job performance as well.

Let’s face it, we’ve all heard that money is a taboo subject. Granted there are many people that don’t like to discuss finances based on their behavior and background. When someone has made a financial mistake it is embarrassing and makes a person feel awkward to reveal such information. Therefore, it becomes a mystery to those on the outside looking in.

Once you become an adult and are on your own, there are many financial stages of life, each carrying its own aspects that need to be taken into consideration as well as some having their own complications. It may start with the engaged couple figuring out how to protect themselves when it comes to legal agreements with vendors. Next is the newlywed couple deciding how to mesh their incomes now they’ve returned from the honeymoon. It doesn’t stop with newlyweds, we have the married couple that is not so newlywed having those rough and tough decisions now that they have gone through a couple of financial challenges.

Seeking to help those couples, unemployed and network marketers with answers, Dr. Taffy has released her latest series titled, “Financial Advice For”. The books available in the “Financial Advice For…” series includes:

Financial Advice for Engaged Couples

Financial Advice for Newlyweds

Financial Advice for Married Beyond Newlywed

Financial Advice for The Unemployed

Financial Advice for The Network Marketer

The “Financial Advice For” series is now available on Amazon Kindle. To learn more about Dr. Taffy Wagner and her wonderful work as a financial expert, visit

Dr. Taffy Wagner is a nationally recognized Money and Marriage Advocate/Expert that is an educator in personal finances and credit reports. She is also a Benefits Specialist with Ameriplan and an Ordained Minister. Having been married for sixteen plus years, Dr. Taffy educates and counsels couples from her experience and knowledge about money and marriage. She feels that marriages should succeed because of ongoing money conversations. Dr. Taffy has been interviewed by The Wall Street journal,, Called Magazine, US News and World Report and many other national media outlets. She is the former host of Bride and Groom Money Talk radio and Money and Marriage Minute on GLORI Radio. She also provides premarital and post-marital financial counseling for couples as well as individuals, single parents and small groups. She is a veteran of the United States Armed Forces. Dr. Wagner resides in the metro Denver area with her husband, Eric and their twins, Erica and Cody.  

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