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Author Spotlight KT Richey, author of The Veil, A Christian Fiction Novel

Welcome KT, Tell us about yourself?

I am an evangelist. I live in the Washington, DC area. I have a master’s degree in counseling.

Tell our readers about your journey to writing

My journey is different from others. I never wanted to be a writer. One day I was having a life moment and I just started writing to relieve stress. Out of that moment in my life God birthed Lady Preacher, The Long Ride Home, The Veil, and Sunday Morning Blues.
God then connected me to people in the industry and I was able to get my first book deal.
Tell us about your journey becoming a successfully published author

When I was eighteen years old, Pulitzer Prize winning author Eudora Welty told me that I was going to be a writer. I laughed in disbelief.  Over twenty years later, I wrote my first novel, Lady Preacher. I received coaching from Victoria Christopher Murray.  She gave me sound advice and assisted me with finding an editor, a publisher and marketing for my book.  I followed her instructions and did not have any problems getting my first book deal.
            It is the readers who kept me in the industry. I became very ill after Lady Preacher was published.  The readers kept me encouraged and helped me get through that time in my life. I believe God gave me the ability to tell a story. The publishers and editors made me a writer. But, it’s the readers who make me an author. I’m very thankful.

How do you balance your life as an author with your duties as a business person, employee, parent and/or spouse?  

I love to tell people I write Christian romance novels.  They find it so fascinating. As a minister, I have spoken to many women’s and singles’ groups. My writing helps me with that ministry. It opens up dialogue and allows me to minister in ways I never imagined.  My writing is my ministry and there’s no conflict. My daughter is grown and I’m single so I can basically make my own schedule.

            I find time every morning for mind, body and spirit.  I read the Bible, which relaxes me. I try to exercise daily. I listen to many different genres of music.

What was the best writing-related advice you ever received?

The best writing-related advice I have received came from Victoria.  She advised me to have my novel edited before I sent it to a publisher.  I have found this advice to be invaluable.

 Can you tell us a little bit about your latest book?

My latest book is The Veil.  It is a story about a young lady, Misha, who enters the ministry. Unknown to her Pastor, she has the gift of prophetic vision.  Once her gift becomes apparent, she is kicked out of the church. She begins a journey of self-discovery until an unplanned pregnancy stops her in her tracks. She struggles find a balance in her ministry, personal life and her personal relationship with God.

 How did you come up with the idea for your book?

 I came up with the idea when someone asked me if I was born with a veil. I had never heard of anything like that. I asked one of the church mothers and she explained to me what it meant. Then, the story just poured out.

What was the most difficult aspect of writing this book?

The most difficult part of writing this book was trying to explain spiritual gifts without it appearing weird or spooky.

 What’s ahead for your writing?

            I look forward to releasing a new series next year. I am also adapting two of my novels for screenplays.

How can people connect with you? List links

Twitter @Author K T Richey

Where can readers purchase copies of your books?

My books can be purchased wherever books are sold:  Barnes & Noble, Books A Million, and Black

 Character Interview: The Veil 

Please tell the readers who are the main characters?

Misha Halloway is a twenty-three year old teacher who lives in the suburbs of Atlanta. She was born with a veil which was a sign of prophetic insight.

Bernard Taylor is a twenty-five year old gospel music superstar. Born in an affluent family, he struggles with his identity and faith.

What is the conflict in the story?

Because of Misha’s gift she is not accepted by the church. She struggles to find a church or minister who can teach her about the gift and her ministry. She endures trial after trial until she gets pregnant.

Which characters in “are you most like?

            Misha and I are both ministers.

Take us inside “your book” What are two major events taking place?

Misha is kicked out of the church once she reveals a secret about the pastor.  This leads her on a path that is directed by the Holy Spirit. She endures trials until she is no longer able to minister in the traditional way.

Are your characters from the portrayal of real people?
            I grew up around a large number of women in ministry in the Pentecostal church.  However, my characters are fictional.

In writing your novels, how do you develop the plot?

            I usually write to relax. Therefore, I don’t plot my stories. I just sit down at the computer and start typing. Sometimes, my characters will not let me sleep and I have spent many nights on the computer telling their stories.  If I get stuck on a scene, I ask God what the character is doing or trying to say and it usually flows from there.

Did you have difficulty keeping the story on point?

            Not really.

How much research was required, if any?

            Thus far, I haven’t had to do much research in my writing. So far I have written what I am familiar with; ministry, law, medical and music.

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