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Virtual Book Tour Life on Fire by Jenetta M. Bradley and Karen D. Bradley #newrelease #fiction #fridayfinds

 Title: Life On Fire
Genre: Fiction

Author: Jenetta M Bradley
About the Author

Chicago natives, Jenetta and Karen Bradley, are sisters and authors. Jenetta has always had a love for writing and has written and published five fictional books. She also post weekly updates to The SSMD, her online, interactive fictional story of a relationship advisor helping the Single, Shacking, Married, and Divorced (SSMD) while dealing with her own life’s ups and downs.
Her younger sister, Karen, didn’t start off sharing the love of writing. While being a creative mind, English and Grammar were never her strongest subjects. As life would have it, her weakest link would become her saving grace in life. It was during college she wrote her first book to help her cope with the death of her father, the upheaval of emotions, and her changing family dynamics. Writing fiction soon became one of her favorite forms of therapy.

About the book


Brooklyn Saunders' life is set ablaze when her ex, Dante Nines, and a newly single friend, Hunter Torres, vie for the number one spot in her heart. Unknowingly, Dante brings trouble to her door causing their personal and professional lives to collide in the worst way. The entanglement unleashes a danger that will have both of the men she loves fighting to keep her safe. Will Brooklyn survive the chaos threatening to destroy her very existence? And if she does, who will she choose?

 Character Interview

Q. Please tell the readers who are the main characters?

·         Brooklyn is a head-strong senior analyst with an eclectic group of friends
·         Dante is Brooklyn’s ex whose work at an elite investigation firm causes a few challenges in his personal life
·         Hunter is a club owner and an entrepreneur with ties to people who don’t always abide by the law
·         Liang is Dante’s partner who is fighting demons from her past

QWhat or is there conflict in the story?

Brooklyn loves both Dante and Hunter for different reasons. Two good men who love her enough to work together to keep her safe when trouble finds her.

Q. Which characters in “are you most like?

Keep in mind I co-wrote Life on Fire with my sister Karen. When I think of Brooklyn the main character, head-strong, full of swagger as she sashays around in high heels (something I’ve never mastered) I think of Karen.

For me, I think I’m more like Liang, Dante’s partner who has a quieter fierceness, but is just as head strong. There’s a part in the book where Brooklyn and Liang are about to go toe to toe. Brooklyn was ready to jump obstacles to get to Liang and Liang was waiting in the cut ready for the fight. That scene reminds me of how my sister and I approach challenges, my sister is going to jump at it and take them down by the throat. I’m going to wait in the cut and swipe their feet from under them. Either way they are going down.

Q. Take us inside “your book” What are two major events
taking place?

Brooklyn is torn between trying to reunite with her ex, Dante, or pursue something new with her newly single friend, Hunter. In the midst of this, she is pulled into the middle of a deranged criminal’s twisted plan and faces losing her life.

Q. Are your characters from the portrayal of real people?
The characters are a blend of real people’s personality traits but never a portrayal of one specific individual.

Q. Describe each character in three words?

Brooklyn – stubborn, smart and sassy
Hunter – loving, personable and determined
Dante – strong, caring and protective
Liang – loyal, focused and resourceful

Q. If your book became a movie who would play the characters?

If Life on Fire became a movie, casting Brooklyn would be the most challenging. For Dante, it would either be Omari Hardwick or LL Cool J. Liang would be Ming-Wa Wen and Hunter would be played by either Laz Alonso or Christian Keyes.

Q.  Your lead characters have “baggage” that keeps them from wanting to pursue a new relationship. Do you think sometimes we let our past get in the way of what God has planned for our futures?

The past always has the potential to get in the way of God’s plans. We can become so focus on the past that we can’t see what God has laid out for the future. The fear of being hurt or letting go of things and people whose season has ended sometimes prevents us from pursuing something new and accepting God’s plans. We need to recognize when the baggage of the past is weighing us down and tripping us up and let go and let God do His thing.

Q. How do you see yourself in your character’s story, if at all?

When you talk in the general sense of living, we all are faced with being indecisive and unable to clearly see what’s best for us at some point in time. I’ve never been torn between two loves, but I have been torn between two job opportunities. 

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