Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Phenomenal Stacy Hawkins Adams

 About the Author

Stacy Hawkins Adams is an award-winning inspirational author, speaker and freelance journalist who has written about women’s relationships with God, each other, and themselves for more than a decade. She has penned seven nationally published women’s fiction novels and one nonfiction book, and is at work on her ninth book. S tacy also operates a group coaching service for aspiring authors called Author In You. For more information about Stacy, her books or her coaching services,  Visit  

About the Book

If forgiving your ex-husband was easy, everybody would do it.
Brent had cheated on Dayna and coldly said goodbye to her seven long years ago—dashing her hopes of having children or growing old with the love of her life.

Working hard to make herself successful as a hospital executive, Dayna has moved on, finding comfort in a new relationship with a faith-filled colleague, Warren.

But when Brent resurfaces on her doorstep at just the wrong time, Dayna’s heart threatens to come unglued. Why is Brent asking for forgiveness now? And why are he and his new wife, Tamara, interested in reconciliation with Dayna? The unbelievable answers begin to surface as Brent boldly asks Dayna to support him at the most crucial time of his life.

While Tamara’s heart brims with guilt, both women will discover what it means to reach beyond pain and baggage to love unconditionally, while leaving the consequences to God.

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Book Review
What happens when you think you’ve forgiven your ex. They show up again in ways you least expect. Well at least for Dayna that's exactly what happened.  Embedded throughout the pages of this book, Stacy takes us on a ride of shear grace, forgiveness and faith.  From the beginning of the book the storyline kept me interested in the plot to see how these characters were going to come together and I was not disappointed.  Another great book to add to your library.

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