Sunday, April 22, 2012

Today's Phenomenal Woman is Sherrell Valdezloqui

Sherrell is the Visionary of Promoting Purpose Magazine

Sherrell, tell our readers about you?

My name is Sherrell Valdezloqui, Im 27 years old. I am an Author and the CEO of Promoting Purpose Magazine. I am a very compassionate person that loves to encourage, inspire and motivate others through my expertise in Spiritual Writing. I am rapidly increasing in spiritual knowledge and is always allowing God to use me as a vessel; delivering an on-time message through social media, religious publishing and more.

Of which of your accomplishments are you most proud?

That’s kind of hard to say but I would have to say Promoting Purpose Magazine!

What obstacles have you overcome to get where you are today?

Patience! At one time I wanted things to happen at a finger snap. I became aggravated because I knew I had the potential to grow in all areas of my life but I had to understand maturity takes time. This was in the areas of business, my ministry /spiritual life and etc…

What woman inspires you most and why?

My mom Carol L. Grayson, because she has pushed me and have always told me I would go beyond just being ordinary. Even when it looked to me I couldn't do it she always told me to at least try.

What is your favorite inspirational quote or Bible verse?

"And He said What may be impossible with Men is Possible with God".

Can you offer tips to those who want to launch a magazine?

Ensure that this is something you really want to do, pray and seek God because magazines take up a lot of time it’s like a baby needs all of your attention lol. Do your research and ensure your patience level is high enough, there may be times when you ask yourself is this the right thing for you to do because you may not reap the financial rewards you are looking for if you are in it for money right away. My motivation for holding on is the fact that God spoke to me clearly telling me to start this publication for his people. So therefore I’m doing it as a servant for God and not the finances.

If you’re a spiritual person my tip is to pray about it and ensure it is part of your assignment the last thing you want to do is to jump on a path that’s not yours. If you’re not really spiritual then I would say research and ensure your heart is in it. Goggle any questions you may have about starting a magazine they have some good tips as well.

What is your mission and purpose in life?

To be a vessel for the Lord and speak the things in which he tells me to speak to the mass. As well as push Men and Women of God to seek their purpose and understand it is never too late to start working on your dreams. It’s only late when you take your dreams to the grave never trying…..

What’s next for you? I’ve actually been called to start walking in my calling as a Woman of God teaching and ministering on the pulpit. I’m also about to start a campaign launch for my next book which talks about my life as a CEO at the age of 25. It will discuss the things I’ve been through as a single mom, my gifts of seeing disasters before it happens as God had warned Noah and Moses before things occurred, all the way down to running from God and my calling and etc. The title is called Sherrell Valdezloqui the face behind Promoting Purpose

Where can readers connect with you? Facebook;, twitter; or my website to view my full bio….

I understand you are also an author. Tell us about your journey to publication? My first book, Poems of Prayers, was written while I was 17, but was not published until the age of 21. The Lord then directed me to write a book that would show a mirrored image of those who were hurting due to the relationship they were in. Specifically, I spoke of the hurt one may occur when in an abusive marriage. The woman that lusted for men based on their appearances happened only because of a dark past she experienced since childhood. Most of my writing are mirror image of the possible life someone is going through and showing them there situation for them to pray and seek guidance.

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