Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Today's Phenomenal Woman is Joy Turner

Today I Welcome Author, Musician, Teacher and Speaker,  Joy Turner.

Joy, The Spotlight Is On You.

Joy tell us what is your writing process?

I always love this question because I sincerely don't have one. I would love to tell you that I organize all of my thoughts in one neatly defined space and then begin to do points A, B, C, etc. but that's truly not the case. I have truly been led by the Holy Spirit during my journey as a writer and I allow Him to have His way in guiding me to write the things I do. I do have to create a balance in my life as a single parent, a student (presently), minister in training, musician and everything in between. I have to find the time to write the things God gives me and then I have to be sure that I create time to hear from God.

What are the pro's and con's of being a published author? 
+ creative freedom, a sense of allowing God to utilize my gift in order to be a blessing to someone else. I have enjoyed the divine connections made through my journey as a writer. From the very beginning, I've been truly blessed to connect with some truly inspiring, anointed and gifted individuals. 
- I wouldn't call them negatives or minuses but rather "realities" of being a published writer. Once you write the book you are far from finished... your work has only begun. Sales can never be a focal point for a faith-based writer. It can be a goal and certainly we don't EVER put any limitations on the God we serve but if you get into the writing industry for the sales/money, you might just find yourself disappointed. The fulfillment that I have achieved as a writer definitely comes from others telling me how blessed they were by reading my books or how something I wrote pointed them to Christ or helped them to change their lives in a positive direction. 

I wrote "Content" because I was always trying to run to California because I always found myself believing that there was always this other life on the other side of the grass that would be almost "perfect." I lived a miserable existence by focusing on all of the things I didn't have, the body I didn't have, the money I didn't have and it caused severe discontentment. This book was definitely inspired by my own life and coming to the understand that God wanted me to live life more abundantly in my "NOW" state. He wanted me to realize that I was blessed in that very moment. 

I hope that my book will help others to realize their true potential and encourage them to tap into the wondrous gifts and brand new mercies of TODAY instead of focusing on tomorrow. 

My greatest encourager is my mom. She has been through so much and has been my support system from day one... I don't know where I'd be without her. There are so many things that my mom has prayed on my behalf that are beginning to come to fruition and I thank God for my mother and her diligence, patience and faithfulness to God. My son Cameron is also a HUGE encouragement and inspiration for all that I do. 

UPCOMING EVENTS - Serenity at Sea 2012 - Christian Authors Cruise (July 28 - August 2, 2012), new release "I Single Parent:" Positive Declarations and Devotions for the Single Parent (TBD)

TIPS FOR ASPIRING AUTHORS - 1) Write. Write. Write. (Habakkuk 2:2 Write the vision and make it plain) No one else can write your vision like you can. 2) Also, don't underestimate the power of networking. God will position people in your path who will provide resources, encouragement and so much more but you have to be open to where He leads you. 3) Do your research. Study the industry and gain an understanding of self-publishing versus traditional publishing so you can make wise and educated decisions regarding your creative written works and your writing career. 

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My book is a Christian non-fiction. 

Also any author who purchases a copy of the book can receive a $50 discount towards advertising in the Serenity at Sea program booklet (but this offer can only be made available for a limited time due to the deadline restraints for producing the 2012 program booklet.)


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